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‘Giving up is not an option when someone calls you mother.’

Abhay, still struggling with the grief of losing his wife, is unable to cope with his job and the care of his toddler son. So, when the mysterious Sheetal enters his life, applying for the job of looking after Ayush, he is thrilled.

All Sheetal has ever wanted, even as a child, is to be a mother. Circumstances mean that she might never be one. The almost instant bond between her and the young boy is balm to her soul and like a godsend to Abhay.

Still, something about Sheetal nags at him. She seems perfect, but why is she so reluctant to show him her identity card? What is she hiding?

What happens when Abhay finally discovers her secret? Does he stand by her side, or abandon her, as everyone before him has done? And what is the gift that she gives him, a gift that will change his life?

In An Unexpected Gift, bestselling writer Ajay K Pandey brings to us an emotionally resonant story that questions everything we believe about friendship, love and motherhood.

From the Publisher

1. Is this a typical ‘Ajay Pandey’ romance novel?

To be honest, I don’t think my novels are the usual type of romance novels – they do deal with other issues as well. In this one, too, the characters do care for each other and there is a kind of romance, but it is not a traditional one. For me, a good relationship is the perfect romance in life.

2. What made you write such a unique story like this one?

My writings embody social purpose and social criticism rather than mere entertainment.

As you know, An Unexpected Gift is the story of a transgender woman who wants to be a mother. I once had a close encounter with a transgender. She was struggling to find a decent job and would hide her identity so she could work. When I met her, I understood her struggle, and decided to write this story. The book is dedicated to her.

3. What is it about An Unexpected Gift, that makes it so interesting to new generations of readers?

It deals with the several shades of human emotions. It throws a sharp light on the life of transgender men and transgender women: how they struggle even to lead respectable, dignified lives. It also depicts the ambivalence of a man who is struggling between good and bad memories. It has the element of love and friendship, which I think will fascinate readers.

4. What is your perception of relationships today? Can love last a lifetime?

Relationships are all about emotions. The biggest aspect of a relationship is how intensely a person cares for you: like a mother who cares for her child to the maximum, and we all know it’s an unadulterated love. For me caring is equal to loving someone.Time is the litmus test for love. Initially, in any relationship, attraction, curiosity and other factors could work, but with time we get to know the person closely. The attraction and curiosity level goes down and that is the point when we could say the real love begins. When love increases with time, it’s a real love.

5. What do you think appeals the most to readers when it comes to romance as a genre?

Actually, we have preconceived notions about romance. It is always written and displayed keeping in mind the chemistry between an unknown girl and a boy. For me, romance is the enjoyment in anyrelationship: it could be between a couple, among friends or with anyone.

A reader spends two or three days reading a book. They are not spending their precious time just to know about the protagonist and his or her likes. They expect an emotional yet valuable experience and a deep message which can shape them. After finishing a book, they should be able to visualise things in a different manner; it should be a new learning experience for them. I strongly feel every romantic story should be inspirational.


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